This is for you if you...

  • Know that the most important work you can do is actually
  • on yourself! Your business is a mirror to your personal growth!
  • Are profoundly in service to the rising of consciousness in humanity and you want to have fun and in abundance, while giving your innate gifts to a grander vision…
  • Lead yourself and have a strong desire to unravel your potential and claim that next level success!
  • Desire to bring more sensuality and play in all areas… business, finances, partnerships, intimacy & of course sisterhood.
  • You appreciate talking about the REAL STUFF that comes up in leadership.
  • You’re living in your purpose, your business is doing great and you are sharing your gifts with the world.
  • The sovereign leaders who want to scale their business without compromising their health, lifestyle and relationships
  • Struggle to set or honor your boundaries or cross them to make things work

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Your Hosts

Chelsae Zirna & Thatja Andrade

Embodied Leadership Coaches

From Corporate Life to Eat, Pray, Love full blown personal growth lifestyle, we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our own personal development. Along the way, we learned a few powerful principles that we put into our flagship program, Empress Codes. The Empress Temple is a free taste of the magic we carry when we come together. We are excited to bring these codes to the world together, in sisterhood, and anchor the New Earth leadership frequency.